FAI WorldCup – German Open F3F 2019

F3F – 2019 – German Open – Event Notification

Official document
Registration via F3XVAULT


FAI-World Cup „GERMAN OPEN F3F 2019“
International German Championship F3F 2019

04.10.2019 – 06.10.2019

Deutscher Aero Club e.V., Bundeskommission Modellflug
Sportausschuss Segelflug, Fachreferat F3F

hosting club:
Modellflugsportclub TU Dresden e.V.
Erik Schufmann
Email: erik.schufmann@f3f.de

competition director:
Erik Schufmann

competition rules:
by participating in the competition the pilot acknowledges the following rules:

FAI Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling-CIAM General Rules, 2019 Edition, Section C, CIAM General Rules for International Contests, Seite 19 ff

FAI Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling, Volume F3 Radio Control Soaring Model Aircraft, 2019 Edition, Part Five, 5.8. Class F3F, Seite 37 ff


local rules and clarifications

5.8.3. Competitor and Helpers:
The competitor must operate his radio equipment personally. Each competitor is permitted one (1) helper at a time. The helper is only to assist and advise the competitor until the model is passing Base A for the first time in direction to Base B and after the scored flight is completed. An additional launch helper might be permitted by the CD in case of strong wind conditions.

5.8.6. Cancellation of a Flight:
h) any part of the model aircraft fails to pass above a horizontal plane, level with the starting area, within five seconds of exiting the course. > not in effect due to the height of the cliffs

5.8.7. Organisation of Starts:

If the model has not entered the speed course within the thirty (30) seconds, this is to be announced by the contest director. > Only countdown by the timing system applies

5.8.10. Safety:
Flying in restricted areas, i.e. over the premises of Rehbergort near Dranske will be penalized by 100 points. Landing within or behind these premises will result in 1000 penalty points and zero points for the flight for missing the landing area (5.8.6.f).

The CD reserves the right to define and announce additional airspace and landing area restrictions if needed.

Upon completion of the flight task
– the model must not re-enter the course, unless the pilot gets explicit permission from the CD
– the model must be landed as soon as possible in the designated landing area, DS and aerobatics are prohibited.
Violators will be penalized by 100 points.

Flying on the slope before and after the competition is strictly forbidden. Violators will be penalized by 100 points.

> N.B.: Collected penalties remain and will not be discarded in case of cancelation of the respective group or round.

5.8.17. Weather Conditions and interruptions:

d) at nightfall
If these conditions arise during the flight the contest director must interrupt the contest and the competitor is entitled to a re-flight. > As soon as the competition director informs the pilot about low conditions, the pilot must immediately vote for re-flight or not.


1. Provisional re-flight:
In case a protest for a re-flight cannot be decided by the jury before the end of the running round, the concerned pilot will obtain a provisional re-flight (with all consequences regarding penalties) at the end of the round in order to achieve a countable score. The jury will decide as soon as possible whether the original score or the score of the re-flight will count. After carrying out the provisional re-flight, the protest cannot be with-drawn.

2. Zero-pilot:
In order to increase fairness towards the first pilots in the morning of each day, we will assign a “zero-pilot” to fly the task test-wise without score

Anti-doping In case a competitor must take any of the substances listed on the 2018 WADA Prohibited List for medical treatment he/she must bear a Therapeutic Use Exemption from the FAI, applied for no later than 21 days before the event. All participants of the F3F event shall assure their acceptance of the FAI Anti-Doping Rules with their signature on the “Acknowledgement and Agreement” form.

titles and awards:
The three best pilots will be awarded with gold- silver and bronce-medals. The winner will be awarded with the FAI F3F World Cup trophy and the title “Deutscher Meister in der Kategorie F3F”.

Each competitor and team manager must possess a valid FAI Sporting Licence. This licence must be registered in the FAI licences database. The holder of a FAI Sporting Licence may be required to produce an official document bearing his photograph and signature as proof of identity. A participant is a junior up to 18 years.

2,4 GHz
The participants have to hold a compliant declaration for their radio; it must be shown at the registration on demand. Other frequencies on request.

Registration will be done via F3XVAULT
F3XVAULT – German Open 2019
The registration will become vaild by transferring the starting fee until 31.08.2019.

starting fee: 80,- € for seniors, 15,- € for juniors.

To be paid until: 31. August 2019

Bank details for the money transfer
IBAN DE27672300004015173310
Account holder Erik Schufmann

jury president: Franz Demmler
further jury members will be selected from the participants

Participants are entitled to file a complaint or to lodge a protest (SC4 Vol General Rules C20.1 and 20.2). Protest fee as stated in SC4 Vol General Rules C.20.2: 50,00 €. If the protest is upheld the deposit will be returned.

please see the official document
flying in the protected areas outside of the competition-frame is prohibited!

time schedule
Thursday October 3rd
Arrival and training on the slopes

Friday October 4th
08:45 am Briefing at the slope
09:00 am start of the rounds
06:00 pm last round in progress

Saturday October 5th
08:45 am Briefing at the slope
09:00 am start of the rounds
06:00 pm last round in progress
09:00 pm Dinner-Banquet

Sunday October 6th
08:45 am Briefing at the slope
09:00 am start of the rounds
12:00 am last round in progress
Afterwards prize giving ceremony

We use personal data (name, address, telephone number, e-mail, date of birth, club membership) only for the organisation and execution of the competition. We do not store these data beyond the legal retention periods. This personal data may also appear in published results lists. Participants will be photographed during the competition and the award ceremony for documentation, reports and if necessary advertising of these or similar events. Some of these images may also be published (including online) in trade journals, forums and other media

Any liability on the part of the competition organizer for damages incurred in connection with the organization and conduct of the competition in connection with the violation of the obligation of another competitor to take out insurance pursuant to § 43 (2), (3) LuftVG, for marking the flight model used pursuant to § 19 (3) LuftVZO and/or for proving the required knowledge pursuant to §§ 21a (4) sentence 1, 21b (1) no. 8 lit. b) LuftVO is limited to cases of intent and gross negligence.

gez. Ralf Decker 
Vorsitzender Sportausschuss Segelflug 

gez. Erik Schufmann
MFSC TU Dresden e.V.