G(L)2020 UPDATE – Day 2

17.10. / 12:00am: due to the constantly changing wind forecasts and rain conditions we do not expect to secure a full round of flying today. Therefore we decided to cancel flying activities for today and save our energy for the final sprint in good conditions tomorrow. Start will be EARLY with the first pilot (#11) starting at 09:00am. The slope will be published until 07:30am on this site. Enjoy the day off!

17.10. / 09:00am: no flyable conditions so far. The next update will be published at 12:00am.

17.10./ 6:45: Little wind from different directions. No flyable conditions at the moment. The next information comes here at 9:00 a.m.

Results in F3XVault

Wir fliegen am Nordhang „Was noon“ bei 7 m/s und gutem Wetter

So schön war es heute…..

Briefing on the slope will be 09:30am.

Slope for today is „WasNoon“ near Glowe.

Please do not block the road while you are parking.